A bunch of cutter pins, send them to the moon…

September 23, 2013 in My Life, Stuff That Matter To Me by Ane

This week is going to be an awesome week. It started off not so nicely with the weather being gloomy and rainy, but I am choosing to believe that this week will be a productive and awesome week for me.:D

So, the good news is I think I finally found a good job for me.:D I am excited and hoping that this is a stable job that I will be on for a very very verrrrrryyyyy looooonnnngggg time. :D The boss sounds awesome, very polite, very courteous and pays in advance. So awesome.:D

You’re probably wondering what is up with my post’s title right?:D
Well, I just felt like saying something random. It doesn’t have anything whatsoever to do with anything. HAHAHA.:))

But in case you’re wondering, it’s actually borrowed from The Regular Show, that episode when Rigby and Mordekai found a magical piano that sends anything they want anywhere, and well, Rigby got carried away.:P


I didn’t even know what cutter pins or cotter pins are, so I Googled it and found out. Mr. G is so smart!:P

Image via Google Image Search Results

I think it’s used in something electrical of some sort. Not sure though. I don’t think I need one anytime soon, so I didn’t bother looking up what it’s used for. It looks kind of like a bobby pin right, I suppose it works the same way except maybe it holds wires or whatever.:P When I need to use one, I’m sure I’ll find out what it’s for then.:P

So for now, a bunch of cutter pins, send them to the moon.:P

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