Finding Kind, A Review and An IndieFlix Giveaway

May 28, 2013 in Causes, Giveaways, my beliefs, My Life, Stuff That Matter To Me by Ane

I love watching movies and one of my favorite types of movies are Independent Movies, more commonly known as Indie Films, why? Because usually these are the types of movies that invoke true feelings of empathy among people and not only seeks to entertain but to make you think as well. It’s these types of movies that make people want to do something to help the society or improve their lives in whatever little way that they can. And as we all know, there are no such things as “little gestures”, even a small act of kindness can have a BIG impact to someone’s life.

So recently, I came across a movie on Bullying over at IndieFlix, it’s called Finding Kind and it’s a documentary about 2 girls traveling all across the United States of America to spread awareness and help stop bullying once and for all among tween and teen girls.

As a mom, this movie really intrigued me and piqued my curiosity because well, like many, I was bullied and I was a bully back when I was in high school. Yes, you read that right, I was a bully, out of all the stupid things I’ve done when I was younger, this is by far the most shameful and it is definitely something I am not proud to admit, but I do because I think that people should know that bullies aren’t born, they are made and as sad as it may sound, grown ups are partly to blame.

Finding Kind is a documentary film by Lauren Parsekian and Molly Thompson. Being girls and having experienced how difficult it is to be a citizen of Girl World, they decided that it is time someone changed the rules. So, they set out on their journey to encourage girls to be kind to one another and spread kindness in the hopes that this will eventually lead to the end of bullying.

I mentioned that I was bullied and I was a bully when I was in high school. It wasn’t intentional, I wasn’t born a bully, I was made into one. In my case, it was a means of survival. I lived in a Girl World where you either had to be a bully or be bullied and at the time, I thought the former was a better option. Unfortunately I did not have the courage to stand the thought of being isolated and being friendless. So in a way, you could say that I was bullied into being a bully. High school was fun, scary, amazing and traumatic all at the same time for me. But I survived. And I will make sure that my children will never have to go through what I went through. I know all too well how cruel the world can be, so as a mom, I do my best to equip my children with the values they need to be able to survive without having to resort to ay kind of bullying or be a victim of bullying. If someone bullies my children, I will not stand by and do nothing, I will have a talk with the bully’s parents and help them figure out why their kid is acting out in such a manner. Because I know how it feels to be a bully and be bullied, I made a vow to myself that whenever I see anyone getting bullied or being a bully, I will not stand by and do nothing. I will stop it if I can and will help in any way that I can. It doesn’t sound much, but to a kid who is being bullied, it means a lot when someone stands up for them, even if it is a stranger, and it will inspire them to stand up for themselves as well. We live in a different world, a much colder, crueler world, so I make sure to be kind to someone whenever I can, because kindness is infectious, and it’s one infection that we actually need.

I will not elaborate on the film, because you can get a chance to see it for yourself because I am going to give away 10 2 month subscriptions to, so you can experience the movie and see for yourself how small gestures of kindness can make a big difference in our society today. Join the giveaway and watch tons of  other great Indie films on IndieFlix free for 2 months, you will not be asked to extend your free subscription and you don’t need to provide any credit card information.

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