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February 10, 2013 in home improvement, Stuff That Matter To Me by Ane

I like space and something it’s quite annoying to have none. When you’ve got kids, it seems like you’ve got so much stuff there comes a time when you don’t know where to store them. Toys for example. I give away toys twice a month just to lessen the clutter and the mess that Lucas makes, but despite that, there’s no change in the amount of mess he makes, so maybe what I need are bigger storage boxes or give away more toys. :D

I actually have a photo of the kids’ messy room, but I don’t want ya’ll to think that were slobs. LOL.:))

With the possibility of pregnancy hanging over my head, I’ve started imagining where to place the babies’ {I’m thinking it’ll be twins;))} things and how the 4 of them will share the room. There are only 4 rooms in our house, 3 are occupied and 1 is for stuff we don’t use or plan to give away. No way I’m going to let my kids’ stay there, it’s also situated by the stairs, kind of creepy, and so far from our room, so it’s not even an option. I don’t want to be running down the hall in the dark when one of the babies’ {yep, twins..} cry at night. Chakai can stay there, but the thought of her being alone in that room freaks me out. So I want them all together. :D


This of course poses a problem because then, where will we put the tv? Perhaps the solution lies on mounting brackets for tv, and we can just have it like overhead or something. I can’t visualize it just yet, which means, it’s time to play THE SIMS and figure it out.:D

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