Musician’s Nightmare

January 14, 2013 in Musical Instruments, Stuff That Matter To Me by Ane

For a musician, nothing is worse than something bad happening to your prized musical instruments. And I really feel for this dude who had his guitar smashed into pieces just because some people didn’t want to accommodate his request even if it was a sensible and reasonable one.

My brother probably screamed bloody hell when he saw what happened to this guitar.:-O

And he’d probably be furious.X(

So, what happened? Apparently, Dave Schneider (singer and guitarist for the band LeeVees and Zambonis) who owned the guitar, a 1965 Gibson ES-335, asked Delta Airlines if he could just have his guitar as a carry on, but was not allowed to. He even offered to buy a separate seat for his guitar but that too was denied, so he had to have it checked in and the result, his guitar gets stuck in an elevator shaft and was literally in bits and pieces when it came back to him. I don’t understand why his request was denied, I suppose the people he talked to then were just acting like complete assholes.>:P

I feel his pain! Oh my gosh, so it wasn’t an exceptional Gibson Les Paul guitar, but it’s still a pretty good vintage guitar which costs a lot of money. The damages to his guitar was estimated to be around $1,980.:-O Oh my gosh right?!:-O I would be so angry if I were in his shoes too!

Delta Airlines allegedly offered him $1,000 to cover the damages but he refused it because he was not sure how much the actual cost of repairs would be.

Gibson heard about his awful experience and decided to step in. Gibson offered to repair the damaged guitar, for free, and will also give him a brand new 1963 Gibson ES-335! Wow! Impressive and very awesome move from Gibson.=D>


Source: Yahoo! News – January 9, 2013

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