What Household Chore Are You?

December 17, 2012 in Fave Past Times, quizzes by Ane

What household chore are you? Now is your chance to find out. Apparently, I am making the bed.:D


You Are Making the Bed

You are neat, chic, and stylish. You have a real eye for design and beauty.

You love chores like rearranging furniture, tidying up, and making the bed. You feel better it when things look better. – True, but I hate every other chore there is. LOL.:))

You’re a natural interior designer, and you’re always redecorating some part of your house. – Indeed! I always rearrange the furniture when I get the chance, it makes me feel like I’m in a different place even if I’m not.:)

You like everything to look smart and modern. – There was a time that I did, now, I’m more into old and vintage pieces of furniture that will bring chic elegance to a room.:)

When you’re in creative mode, even the most boring of chores seem exciting to you. You’re just a natural artist.
– LOL. I don’t know about that, B is still the creative one, I just do all the dirty work, well, most of it anyway. :D

I am really not like most people. I don’t enjoy chores. LOL.:)) And if I had any choice, I would prefer not to do any at all. But of course, that’s not possible, I am after all a mom and a wife and that means endless chores for me, which is why I urge my kids and husband to practice organization, it means less chores for me, more family bonding time.:D
There Is Nothing Wrong With Being Nosy!
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