Random Tuesday Thoughts: Annoying, Squeaky, Clean and Random Stuff

November 14, 2012 in Memes, My Life, Random Tuesday Thoughts by Ane

Tuesdays are made for Random.



Welcome to my life. Just because I’ve welcomed you into my life, that doesn’t mean I give you the right to steal my content, my writing {speaking} style, my thoughts and ideas or my incredible Fashion sense. LOL. But seriously, STOP COPYING ME. I’M NOT FLATTERED. Here I am an advocate of self expression and being true to yourself and you copy me, WTF, which is the complete opposite of what I’m trying to teach you, which is, BE YOU.

My office chair has been creaking for quite some time now, and I’ve told the husband to grease it several times, but he hasn’t done it yet. I work late, and it irks me that every time I shift on my seat, it squeaks and the husband moves in his sleep. I’m trying to be considerate and trying my hardest not to make it squeak but the harder I try the louder the squeak becomes. It’s freaking hilarious. So I’ve decided to just move and let it squeak and if he complains about the noise, it’s his fault for not greasing it when I told him to.


Yesterday, I was a Super, managed to meet a deadline, wash vomit-filled bed sheet without puking myself, did the laundry and the basic chores and took care of the kids. It was so fulfilling. Tiring, yes but fulfilling.


I find it funny that so many people are affected when I post about something annoying on my Facebook wall, they automatically think I’m talking about them, even if it was just a random quote that I happen to come across. They seriously need to reflect on their lives and figure out why they’re so affected with things people say.


Christmas is just around the corner, have you made a wish list and a check list of who gets what this year? I haven’t written mine down, but it’s in my head.


I cannot decide what I want more for Christmas this year. I don’t want to disclose what I want for Christmas yet, that’ll be for Thursday Thirteen’s post. LOL.


Shift. Squeak. Shift. Squeaaaaakkkk. This chair is getting on my nerves.


When I need it to the most, my internet connection won’t cooperate. It’s so annoying.


Lizards. They’re freaky. But not as freaky as huge ass snakes!


There are cats courting each other outside and damn they’re loud. Why does it sound like they’re fighting when they’re in fact courting each other and preparing for one mating session that will guarantee kittens to be born not long after? Just so weird.


The monsoon season is supposed to be over, but apparently, there are a few Typhoons that didn’t get the memo.


Staying positive is hard especially when things don’t exactly go the way it’s supposed to, but I find that keeping calm, cool and collected is better for the soul and for the body. Less stress, less worry equal happiness and gorgeousness.


My feet are cold, which means it’s time for bed. Good night, be random and link up!

There Is Nothing Wrong With Being Nosy!
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