Do You Talk Too Much?

October 29, 2012 in Fave Past Times, quizzes by Ane

I always thought I talked too much, but it turns out, I talk a lot but that’s also how much I listen. :) 


You Don’t Talk Too Much

You have mastered the art of conversation. You understand that listening is as important as talking.
Like anyone else, you think that the things you have to say are important and interesting. You just know that not everyone is interested in hearing them.

You wait your turn, speak your piece, and quickly turn the conversation back to your partner.
You may choose your words carefully, but people consider you to be more of a brilliant conversationalist than some chatty know-it-all!


One of the reasons why B and I get along so well is that we can both carry a conversation and we both can listen and talk a whole lot. I do sound like a know-it-all sometimes, but that’s just because I do know a lot. LOL.:)) But I admit, that there are still a lot I need to learn, and that’s the beauty of it.:)

Let me know what result you get! :)

There Is Nothing Wrong With Being Nosy!
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