Random Tuesday Thoughts: Silver Lining, Happy Thoughts, Fake Modesty & Pretentious MotherF*ck3r$

July 4, 2012 in Memes, Random Tuesday Thoughts by Ane


I am an awesome friend. I will take a bullet for you, if you and I have established a deep friendship. I am nice when you are nice. I am honest, I don’t sugar coat things and I say it the way it is. I don’t and will never talk behind your back, if I do, it’s unintentional, and whatever it is I said “behind your back”, I sure as hell can say it to your face. If there’s one thing I value, it is my friendships. I don’t have a lot of friends because not a lot of people can handle the truth once they’re faced with it, they’re all talk and everything but once faced with the truth, they take offense and see it as an attack rather than something they can use to improve on themselves. I’ve had people tell me all sorts of nasty things, behind my back and to my face, I take it all with grace, sure sometimes, my feelings get hurt, but so what? I get over it and then I make myself better. Eventually, I stopped caring what people thought of me, what is important is I know who I am and the people who matter to me know it too.

I really don’t want to be in a negative mood so early in the week. But OMG, some people can just push you over the edge! I am not going to let it ruin my entire week. Thank God for blogging. I am so frustrated. It’s so awful when you find out that some people talk behind your back, just because they don’t have the balls to confront you. I hate people like that. If you can think it, you should have the balls to say it out loud. If not, don’t think about it and if it does creep into your mind, don’t entertain the idea, if you do, you’re a loser and I feel sorry for you.


Anyone with a working brain can see FAKE MODESTY a mile away. You’re not fooling anyone with your pretentious acts of humility. Give it up! You have to learn to grow up and stop playing pretend. And here I was thinking that Lucas was too old to play pretend, it turns out people older than me are doing it. Eye rolling smile Shameful. and Pathetic. There is absolutely nothing worse than pretentious people. I loathe them.


Thinking of happy thoughts is easy, because I have a lot of happy thoughts. Open-mouthed smile 


I like it when it rains and I am at home. I love to listen to the pitter patter of the rain and the sound of the wind as it fiercely passes by. But I do hate being under the rain, thank God for golf umbrellas, our car and for the shelter he’s given us. Smile


My husband is the silver lining to my dark cloud. He never fails to cheer me up when I am feeling down in the dumpsters. Would you believe that he’s the only other person, aside from my siblings, who can make me laugh so hard no sound comes out. Smile with tongue out He’s got a wicked sense of humor and it’s just one of the many things I love about him. Smile


Lucas in school. Mommy in the waiting area. Why? Because I’m trying to be frugal and I save money that way. Smile with tongue out However, I’m realizing I am spending more on coffee and snacks while I wait, I’m going to have to practice control or perhaps bring my own snacks. Smile with tongue out


I was so pissed off when I started writing this blog post, because of a pretentious motherf… I’m not going to relive the moment, because I actually feel better. It’s amazing how much writing about your frustrations can make a difference. I’m glad I thought of it. Open-mouthed smile


So get your random on and don’t be a douche, link up. If you’ve been random, leave me your links so I can visit your random post. Smile Click on the badge for details. Open-mouthed smile

There Is Nothing Wrong With Being Nosy!
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