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April 30, 2012 in B, Chakai, Lucas, Musical Instruments, My Life, People In My Life, Stuff That Matter To Me by Ane

I am a frustrated singer, guitarist, pianist and everything else that has to do with music. Smile with tongue out I’ve always wanted to be a professional entertainer, but alas, I don’t have a to-die-for voice and I can’t play the guitar to save my life. Smile with tongue out I know how to play the piano a little, and by a little, I mean just a few notes. Smile with tongue out LOL. Open-mouthed smile

However, I am a huge fan of music and I have an extensive taste, I love all sorts of genre of music, pop, rock, indie, alternative and oldies. Open-mouthed smile I know how to appreciate music from different genres but I have a soft spot for music from the 80’s. I still think that the 80’s were the best music era of all time! Open-mouthed smile

Anyway, I am so happy that both my children seem to have a fondness for music too. Open-mouthed smile Chakai started writing her own songs since she was 5, she keeps it in a notebook that she found back then, its pages are filled with songs and poems, pretty impressive for a kid. She got that from B. I cannot rhyme to save my life. Smile with tongue out B on the other hand, rhymes like an old school poet, he is the creative and literary writer between the two of us.

Lucas is the Justin Bieber of our family. Open-mouthed smile He loves to sing and loves to dance. Open-mouthed smile Here’s a video of Lucas:

LOL. I have tons of video of Lucas busting out in a dance or in song. Open-mouthed smile Who knows maybe in his time, he will be the newest Philippine Pop Sensation. Open-mouthed smile

My grandma wants to give him a guitar since he has shown time and a gain that he wants to learn how to play the guitar, and I have looked around in the malls, but they don’t have anything that suits him, so I looked online and found Jackson Guitars. They have a huge selection of guitars and I’ve already found one that I think will be great for Lucas. Open-mouthed smile We have a piano at home and I plan to have a use for it when Chakai finally learns how to play it. Smile

If I can turn back time and had a chance to learn an instrument, I would have loved to learn how to play the piano or the guitar. What about you? Smile with tongue out

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