Christmas Village in Country Club

December 4, 2011 in Day Out, My Life by Ane

We paid a visit to the Christmas Village in Country Club here in Baguio recently. It was a much anticipated visit because this will be the first time that we’ll be able to go with the kids.

I’ve never been to the Christmas Village before so I didn’t know what to expect, although I had high expectations when I saw pictures of a friend who has been there, it’s what made me want to take the kids there in the first place.

I so love Christmas. Everyone is just so happy and in such a giving mood, It’s definitely my favorite holiday. :)

Christmas Village in Baguio Country Club
Unfortunately, the Christmas Village was a disappointment. I was expecting candy canes and freshly roasted chestnuts for sale at the very least, but instead popcorn and cotton candy is as Christmassy as their snacks will get. :( Bummer!

The Snowmen display were cute, I admit, and the houses of Santa’s little helpers are cute on the outside too. Still, I was like, “this is it?! what the hell?!”…

There wasn’t a lot you can do in the Christmas Village. There are no rides, not even a carousel, can you believe it? It so sucks. After you’re done taking pictures with the Snowmen and the elves’ houses and after eating a chili dog that wasn’t chili, siomai and cotton candy, you’d be like, “now what?”, and you’ll end up walking in the entire Christmas Village, four times. It’s so small, you can circle the entire place four times in 15 minutes, how lame is that?! And there were only like two little shops where you can buy souvenir items and the stuff for sale aren’t even that extraordinary. We managed to find cute Angry Birds themed watches for the kids, still, it’s something I would find in any Christmas bazaars. It was nothing really really special like it would make me feel the trip was worth it.

There was live entertainment from a band. I forgot what band played the night we paid a visit, but then again, they weren’t that good for me to pay attention to. :P Plus I don’t think they were singing Christmas carols, if they were, I would have stopped and listened. Over all, the concept for the Christmas Village was a good one, it was too bad the execution sucked balls. Oh well, there’s always a next time, I hope next year it will be better. :)

Except for the lights and the Snowmen, it’s
not really worth visiting, but if you have some time to kill and you want your very own photo with one of the Snowmen, then go and visit the Christmas Village, it’s just in front of the main gate to Country Club, just follow the lights. :)

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