Football VS Futbol

November 26, 2011 in sports, Stuff That Matter To Me by Ane

I am so not sporty. Smile with tongue out When I was a kid, I was hit in the face with a volleyball, and then once with a soccer ball and then another time with a mock baseball. The mock baseball was made with a rock wrapped in layers and layers of newspaper and then wrapped in packing tape until it was the size of an actual baseball. Now, can you understand why I don’t do sports? Smile with tongue out 

I like watching sports in the comfort of my own home though. Like any other man, B likes to watch his sports. Smile with tongue out So, sometimes, I do watch with him and pretend I know what the hell is going on when in fact, I have no clue. LOL! Open-mouthed smile

Anyway, have you ever wondered what the difference between Football and Futbol is? Aside from their spelling of course. Smile with tongue out

I’ll give you a clue: David Beckham is Futbol. Tom Brady is Football.

If you don’t know Tom Brady, then maybe you’re more familiar with Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend, Reggie Bush. Smile with tongue out

Here’s a diagram to help you learn about the difference. Smile

There Is Nothing Wrong With Being Nosy!
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