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August 25, 2011 in clothes, nursing scrubs, Stuff That Matter To Me by Ane

Nurses are very special people. Some of the best nursing schools offer great online nursing degree programs for those interested in joining the ranks of these awesome people. I know a lot of people who are nurses by profession, my sisters in law are both nurses in the States and 2 of my dearest and bestest friends are nurses (Shout out to Kariza and Em!). I remember at one point in my life, I wanted to become a nurse, until I found out what they did, being the squeamish girly girl that I am, I changed my mind. LOL.:))

A few years ago, nursing was in demand in other countries and I remember everyone taking it as a course in college. Nursing review centers sprouted like mushrooms. My sister, Coy, was forced by my mom to study nursing, but then she went all rogue and shaved her head just when she was about to be “capped”.:D She didn’t have the heart to tell my grandma, so she showed them she didn’t want to become a nurse.

I have more respect for nurses than for doctors. The nurses do most of the hard work anyway and if you haven’t watched a single episode of Mercy or Nurse Jackie, you should. It will give you an idea of how truly lost doctors will be without their nurses. Being a nurse is probably one of the messiest jobs ever, they have to deal with blood and all sorts of bodily fluids, which are just gross by the way, so I really don’t understand why they couldn’t pick any other color except white to be the color of their uniforms, I mean don’t you think a darker colored scrub like perhaps burnt orange scrubs would be easier to clean at the end of the day? Burnt orange sort of looks like a brighter shade of brown, so they’ll be easy to spot in a crowd and it won’t get soiled so easily.

If you want to take a look at different scrub suits, then check this link out,

When I was hospitalized back in April because of my kidneys, I had a nurse who looked like my blogger friend, Debbie a.k.a. Phatelara, she was sweet and nice like Debbie too, it made 6 days in the hospital bearable with her checking on me a few times a day. All the nurses in the hospital were nice enough and were very attentive, the doctors could be more attentive, anyway, I will not go into that anymore.

Back to the point, nurses need a change of color in their wardrobe. Not pink or any pastel color, a dark color will be more apt, me thinks. But then again, what do I know, I’m not a nurse. Haha.

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