The Botanical Garden, Baguio City

July 16, 2012 in Food, My Life, travel, Vacation by Ane

Remember in elementary when the teacher would ask you to write an essay about how you spent your Summer? Smile with tongue out Well, the following posts I write about are about how I spent my summer. Open-mouthed smile It was summer, so I didn’t have time to actually write about it. Smile with tongue out

B and I wanted to make this summer a memorable one for the kids since this will be Lucas’ last summer before he starts school and we wanted him to be able to experience Baguio City, the way we did. So we went around Baguio City and visited every place we could think of that is worth visiting. Baguio City is a fairly small city and we have visited some of the places before, during our childhood, so we were both curious about how it changed over the years.

First up, is our visit to the Botanical Garden.

Botanical Garden

I’ve only visited the Botanical Garden once before, that was when my brother in law came home from the United States with his son. There’s really nothing much to see in the Botanical Garden, it is what is, a garden. The only difference is that there are a lot of varieties of plants and trails to walk on, there are also a few souvenir stalls and street-food stalls.

The one that interested me the most in the Botanical Garden was the cave. It was said that it was built during the Japanese occupation and served as a hiding place for some of the locals. It was pitch black in the cave and you literally can’t see anything. You so totally need a flash light to go inside. It was eerie and creepy and so awesome! Open-mouthed smile

Dinosaur Cavedino cave

Lucas created a whole story about the cave being a dinosaur cave where a T-rex resides. LOL. Laughing out loud His got such a wild imagination, it’s awesome. Open-mouthed smile

Botanical Garden is quite close to Wright Park, where the horses are, so naturally, it’s no surprise that there are a few horses around that you can ride and take a picture with, unfortunately, you can’t ride it inside the garden. Smile with tongue out

Chakai on a horseLucas on Another Nicki Minaj horse

I don’t understand why they have to dye the horse’s hair pink. I feel sorry for the Nicki Minaj horse, he must be the laughing stock in the barn.. Sad smile

There were new things in the garden this time around, like the San Francisco Bridge, which is a symbol of friendship between the Filipinos and Americans.

San Francisco Bridge, Botanical Garden

As previously mentioned, there are also trails that you can go on, fairly small trails, but awesome nonetheless. Smile The different trails lead to different parts of the garden naturally. Smile with tongue out During the time we paid the Botanical Garden a visit, it was still under construction and it seemed they were making massive changes and some parts of the garden were closed off. I cannot wait to see how it all looks after the renovations. In the meantime, you can take the paths that lead to a bridge over a koi pond or the trail with the little monk statues. Smile

bridgeMonk, very Avatar

While we were there, we indulged in street food. I’ve had typhoid fever once in college, because of eating street food, and I was a bit skeptical to let my kids eat street food, but B said that once in a while, a few germs in the body builds up the immune system and it makes them stronger, so fine, we all ate street food and we didn’t get sick, so it’s safe to say that the food there is clean and is safe for consumption. Smile with tongue out

halo halo

food details to be posted on my food blog, Milk, Cereals and Chips

street food

There Is Nothing Wrong With Being Nosy!
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