Random Tuesday Thoughts: It’s Wednesday?!

March 29, 2012 in Memes, Random Tuesday Thoughts by Ane

Mr. G hates me because of all the adverts I’ve placed on my blog for the last 3 months. He needs a girlfriend. Or perhaps a boyfriend? Smile with tongue out

I really don’t care about blog rankings anymore. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that I still have loyal readers who think I am awesome regardless of what rank my blog stands in. You guys are awesome and I love you to bits! Red lips


I have a lot of followers but only a few actually take the time to read my posts and leave relevant comments. The others I just gained through sponsoring blog giveaways. The sucky part is that they unsubscribe after the giveaway, so it defeats the purpose of trying to gain followers through sponsoring because some bloggers just unsubscribe after. Bloggers who unsubscribe are stupid, don’t you know that the blog owners get notified via e-mail that you unsubscribed? You suck and you deserve to be on s#$% face list. I will forever hold a grudge and the next time I sponsor a giveaway, I will tell the organizers about you so that no matter how many times you join, you will never win because you will be blocked and blacklisted. You deserve that for being an a$$hole.

Speaking of giveaways, I sponsored a giveaway, Hello Spring Cash Giveaway where you stand to win $800. The contest runs from March 21 to April 4. You still have a lot of time to join. All you need to do is LIKE Facebook Pages and FOLLOW sponsors on Twitter. Are you willing to LIKE and FOLLOW to stand a chance to win $800?! If not, you’re crazy and or really really rich. If you’re the latter, how come you’ve never funded my lifestyle?!

I had a hair cut. The stylist didn’t have my hair cut records (shout out to Big Bang Theory fans!Smile with tongue out) so he (or she?) ended up cutting my bangs way to short and now I look like freaking Dora except Dora can actually pull off the look. I freaking can’t.

I have written about 300 words until I have realized it was already Wednesday, I am a day late and therefore this does not qualify as a Random Tuesday Thoughts post, but since I have already started, what the hey, it feels like a Tuesday and I can use some randomness.

Wow, in 10 minutes it will be Thursday! Are we on fast forward? Is it just me or does it seem like time is going by so fast?

Why does it seem like time goes by so faaast when you are trying to make a deadline? and then it suddenly sloooows down like a $@#&*(! when you’re just sitting around and doing nothing at all. So weird, I need it to be reversed because I really need for time to slow the f&*# down. Seriously.

Lucas has the sniffles and a really bad cough, I hope it doesn’t get worse and he doesn’t get fever, I really don’t want him to get sick. Stupid sudden changes in temperature is making everyone sick! Except for B, all of us have the sniffles. I hate it. But thanks to my trusty Vicks Inhaler I am able to breathe properly. It’s too bad the kids aren’t old enough to use it.

So, B’s phone just started praying. Which means it’s 12am, meaning it’s a Thursday now. Time to end the random and get some sleep and hopefully when I wake tomorrow, world peace has begun and I am filthy rich and über famous.

There Is Nothing Wrong With Being Nosy!
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