Thursday Thirteen: 13 Things I want Right Now BUT Can’t Have

November 18, 2010 in Memes, My Life, Thursday Thirteen by Ane

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I live a good life, I know that, and I am truly very grateful for all the things I already have, but still I want. Hey, I’m only human and I want superficial things, material things that I don’t really need but want anyway. I want so many things it’s crazy, but I guess you already know I am crazy. LOL.jelir

1. The 32GB iPhone 4.

I have wanted the iPhone 4 for so long, I have dreamt about it numerous times. One time, I even dreamt about stealing one. Can you believe that?soal I am obsessed and B thinks I am insane. LOL.sengihnampakgigi I mean it’s one thing to dream about something but dream about stealing one? Really?soal I don’t think I would go that far though, I mean come on, I don’t want to end up with the guilt and I definitely don’t want to go to jail. So B, it was just a dream, I won’t actually steal one.around

2. A working shower heater.

Our heater is busted. Should I even explain why I need one?soal It gets really cold during the BER-months where I live and a shower heater is definitely a must in any home. It’s very expensive, but B is working on it. For now, I’ll just whine about not having one.jelir

3. Peppermint Mocha Latte and a Peppermint Brownie from Starbucks, RIGHT NOW.

If only I lived in a condo where a Starbucks store is just downstairs or perhaps a few blocks away, then perhaps I can get one right now.sigh

4. For Intense Debate to sync comments with Blogger.

If you work for Intense Debate, I pray that you please please please find a way to sync comments with blogger. It just drives me insane how I can’t see my comments on my dashboard. I got a little bit of my sister’s O.C.-ness in me too and posts with no number of comments beside it drive me nuts. I know, I’m crazy weird.gile

5. Spend an entire day with my sisters and brother.

I miss my siblings so very much.sedih I get boredketukmeje, I stay in the house for 6 days a week, with just Lucas, a 2 year old, to talk to. B works for 9 hours and Chakai stays in school for 8 hours. I don’t get out much because I have a job to do. Work is a lot more fun when I have someone to goof off with.sigh

6. Sex.

Because I’m still writing this and B is still busy. LOL.sengihnampakgigi You know I’m kidding right? LOL.gelakguling

7. Tickets to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 1.

I have to wait until the weekend and because I am broke right now, I don’t know if I can see it. If you know me then you know how much I hate asking B for money, and I only ask him to pay for my wants when it becomes a need. I still owe B money from last time when he paid for my share of the credit card bill. So, asking him for money will be abusing him, and I don’t really want that.

8. A Salary Increase.

I totally need a salary increase.sigh The dollar to peso rate is very low at this time ($1 is to P42) and my current salary can’t keep up with my wants, AND that is the only reason I work, to be able to pay for MY wants and my kids’ wants and B’s wants. B takes care of all the needs. I should be able to take care of the wants. My boss wants a face to face Skype chat (for the first time in 9 months) next week and I am terrified that he might not like me and end up getting fired, not to mention I have not been working these past 4 days because I needed a break. Wish me luck and please pray I don’t get fired!doa

9. A Vacation.

B and I totally need a vacation. Both of us have been working really really hard and we both deserve a break, BUT we can’t have a vacation right now because we can’t afford it and B can’t take a break from work because it’s their peak season, what with the Christmas holidays coming soon, he works in a mall, that should explain much.sigh

10. My own car.

We own a champagne colored Toyota Avanza 1.5G but B uses it and I totally need my own car so Lucas and I can go out and not have to worry about whether to bring an umbrella or not, and it is a nightmare to get a cab, especially if it’s raining. One time this Korean guy took my cab just as I was about to ride it, so rude!marah It was even raining and I was holding a very heavy sleeping Lucas. Plus I had a bag, a grocery bag and an umbrella. I freakin’ hate them now.marah

11. My sister‘s fresh from the oven chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.

Need I say more?soal My sister lives in Manila, 6 hours (8 hours if there’s heavy traffic) away from me.

12. A Portable Toilet.

So I don’t need to keep standing up to pee, especially when I am busy and rushing to meet deadlines and stuff.
13. A Million Dollars.

I got a freakin e-mail saying I won £1,000,000. I replied to said e-mail and asked if it were real. It sent me what looked like a very legitimate letter, but then it asked me to deposit £265 so I can claim my cheque to the million. Obviously it was a scam, I mean if I seriously won a million in whatever currency I probably won’t be asked for money so I can claim it, that is just stupid. If they want the £265 why can’t they just take it from the million, right?soal I’m not one to fall for such stupid scams.takbole

What do you want right now?soal

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